About Me

Who is Anand Davis?

I am an enthusiast on art and blogs about marijuana and hemp from around the world. I have created many of my own blogs which are posted straight onto this site where I express my opinion on recent headlines and legal matters of the marijuana industry.

I love reading about the influence of marijuana and the wonders it has done to people from all over the world, from childhood epilepsy to cancer and dementia – they’re all completely different but still marijuana seems to be able to benefit them all in many different ways and I don’t quite understand why it’s illegal in most parts of the world.

In Cannabis there are many different Cannabinoids and two of the main ones are obviously THC – this is the Cannabinoid that gets you high and CBD which is what is legal in most parts of the world – this has no psycho-reactive features so you can have all the benefits of THC except the the chance of getting high. This is one of the reasons why I love the Cannabis industry as many business’ have taken CBD into consideration and are trying to help patients to overcome their illness/disease/condition that they cannot find in regular medicines prescribed from the doctors anymore… helping them to find a new hope.

From the positive outcome of CBD many more people are now becoming aware of the benefits marijuana as a whole compound can give you and the fight to legalise it is now beginning! Many governments are deciding whether the product should be legal or not but the biggest issue they have is the psycho-reactions.

Making cannabis legal is the best thing that can happen I think! It opens doors to more cures and treatments to medical conditions such as Cancer which they’re still struggling to find cures for.

This blog site is based on my views and opinion of cannabis and the best pieces of art around influenced by the benefits to so many people.